Friday, October 15, 2010

Fraggy Friday

It's Friday already?



This time last year, on this very day, America was captivated by an unbelievable story about a little boy and a balloon. (No, we aren't talking about Christopher Robin). It turned out that the story really was unbelievable because it was, well, FAKE!

Now do you remember the story?

Remember how America sat glued to their TV's in total shock that a little kid could climb into a "balloon" and just "fly away"? I remember how scared I was for that family since I was then just a new daddy myself. And then when it turned out that the family totally made it all up and confessed I was SO mad.

Why in the world would a family want to create a story like that? Did that bother you too when you found out it was all fabricated?


Speaking of being glued to the TV, I already blogged about it this week but how are you feeling now that ALL 33 of the Chilean miners have been rescued?

Isn't it just an amazing story? This is no doubt something that will be remembered for years to come. Just the fact that ALL of these men lived to tell this story is amazing and it truly is a miracle. How much do you want to bet that church's all over the world will be using this story in their sermons on Sunday? I would make a bet that at least 85% of them will be using it one way or another!


Are you crazy about Monopoly at McDonald's? I love it! And I know a few other people who are even more crazy about it than I am! Isn't it something how these big corporations can find ways to draw people in?

Controversy is swirling lately about how McDonald's is "wrong" for putting toys in happy meals. I don't agree with that myself. I think the happy meal is incomplete without the toy but health nuts everywhere are protesting it.

But I think the Monopoly game brings an interesting question... How do you propose to keep the adults away from McDonald's while Monopoly is going on? Solve that one health nuts!


Quote of the week:

"The first step to drowning is isolation. The first step to rescue is being heard. Tell your story." ~ Eric Samuel Timm


When I fist read this quote on facebook I was floored. Isn't it soo true how when we find ourselves in isolation is when we are tempted and face trials the most? Drowning is way more likely to happen to us when we are alone. It is important to surround ourselves with fellow believers who we can trust and rely on. And we have to take it a step further. We have to tell our stories! We have to be heard to be rescued and to rescue others. Tell your story!


I ran across a tweet this week by pastor Mark Driscoll. He tweeted the top 5 pastors in America who had the largest congregations and I was shocked with the results.

1.) Joel Osteen (like you didn't already know that one) LOL
2.) Andy Stanley
3.) Ed Young
4.) Bill Hybels
5.) Dave Stone

What shocked me was #5 because if you are from the Southern Indiana / Louisville Ky area then you know why. Dave Stone is the pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Ky and yes it is a HUGE church. I just didn't realize that it was THAT huge! Maybe it comes as a shock to you too but praise God that people are being ministered to in all these places! Congratulations Southeast for being in the top 5!!


Have a great Weekend!

Be Blessed!

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  1. If you go out to Southeast, you can understand him being there... I'm telling you - I was shocked at that church & how smoothly it runs & all the "extras"...

    I read somewhere that said "This Miners Rescue sponsored by Oakley" - :) your picture made me think of that!!!!