Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescued: The Chilean Miners And A Fresh Perspective

As I've been watching the rescue of 33 Chilean miners I find myself overjoyed. Overjoyed that one-by-one these miners have been pulled out of a pit of despair and into a life they once knew. For 69+ days these miners have waited on a miracle. That miracle has arrived, and as I watch the 15th miner emerge into the light and see the eruption of cheers and joy, I have this thought...

This is exactly what it was like in Heaven when I was rescued!!!

You might not understand that sentence at first so let me show you what I'm talking about. Luke 15:10 clearly states that the angels in heaven rejoice over a sinner who repents and gives their life to Jesus. All the host of heaven erupts in cheers of joy when they see that one lonely soul has finally trusted in Jesus as Lord and Savior of their life.

It's so easy as a Christian to forget sometimes just how big of a deal our rescue day was when we decided to trust in Jesus and make Him the Lord of our lives. We often don't realize that it was such a big deal that all of Heaven rejoiced about it. And now that we have been wrapped up in the joy and celebration of these miners we can use this as an example of what it must have been like in Heaven.

We too were trapped in a pit of despair. We too were pulled from darkness and into the light. And we were also pulled from a life of loneliness to a loving embrace by our Lord. And as this was happening we were being watched and cheered on by the angels in Heaven!

I thank God for the rescue of these miners. I pray that as you continue to watch and hear about their stories you use this historical event to be reminded of how you were received and cheered for as you accepted Jesus into your life and were rescued yourself.

I will keep cheering for all the remaining miners as I know the angels in Heaven will keep cheering for each and every new person who gives their life to the Lord. Today is the perfect day to reflect upon your rescue and see it from a fresh perspective!

Be Blessed!

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