Friday, October 22, 2010

Fraggy Friday

Mommy's Idea

Friday's are coming much sooner now that I am trying to do the Friday fragment thing every week. I can't believe it is seriously Friday again already!

Well, that leaves only one thing left to do. So, LET'S GET FRAGGY WITH IT!!!!

I think I have an addiction to social media. I check facebook and twitter constantly for new updates or to see if anyone has commented on my "witty" updates. I even have my cell phone set to text me when a new comment is posted on one of my status updates. Could there really be a diagnosis for something like this? I don't see why not, what do you think? Are you like this or am I just really weird?

I don't think I'm as bad as this picture indicates but I would definitely have to say that I got it bad!


Quote of the week:

"Straight tress have crooked roots." ~ Chinese Proverb

This quote was used in my lesson for our Wednesday night youth group at GCC. I seen many students writing this down and posting it on their facebook status. It really does make a lot of sense and especially in the way I used it to tie up parts of my lesson.

The context I used it in (to make a long lesson short) was that we all have past mistakes, shame and guilt that we regret. Once we give our lives to Jesus our past is forgiven and our sins and regrets are cleaned up. We are like trees. We have a past that no one can see and it is a mess. Much like the roots of a tree. And though we really regret our past and sometimes allow it to hold us down we need to worry about the fruit that we produce rather than the roots of our past. In other words, what kind of fruit are people picking from your branches?

Straight trees have crooked roots. Let's not get so caught up in the past (the roots), but let's focus on if we are doing good works (producing fruit) like Ephesians 2:10 calls us to do!


There is a brand new website that I stumbled upon on another persons blog. If you are a big music lover like me and like a wide variety of different types of music then is for you! They have everything on there! You can just click on whatever type of mood you are in and it plays songs that fit nothing but that particular mood. I highly recommend you check it out. I bet you will like it if you do!


Another thing that you might find interesting is finding your family "Coat of Arms". I don't know why in the world I thought to do this but I am so glad I did. I was really impressed with the way our C.O.A. looks and what made it even better was the motto inscribed on it which reads...

Know thyself, and learn to suffer.

If you know our history with Emily's battle in I.S. then that motto fits us perfectly! We are having to learn how to deal with suffering on a daily basis. How crazy is it that I "stumbled" upon that motto and how neat is it that it really fits my family today! I was really shocked and amazed!

And hear is what our C.O.A. looks like. I really like it!

The Motto is usually placed right above the top of the picture. I couldn't find a picture on the net that displayed that so I thought I should tell you.


And to bring Fraggy Friday to an end for this week I would like to leave you with some amazing pumpkin artwork to help get you in the mood for this Halloween season. Some of these are truly amazing!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Be Blessed!


  1. Its MICKEY on a pumpkin!!!!! haha!!!!!!!

    I actually saw a contest on Food Network Challenge where they carved pumpkins & the Medusa one was on there - & the snakes actually MOVED!!!!!! ... I like the one that looks like the rock in the face!

    I want to find my COA!

    and I'm totally checking out the mood station ... love Pandora so gotta see what else is out there!

  2. That coat of arms is really neat. What a great piece of family history.

  3. Okay now I'm addicted to stereo mood...awesome!!

  4. Hey Joe,thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.Your B.S. Study was a great place to take someone. When I was a baby Christian ,I had trouble letting go of the past. The sins I now knew were so against my Lord. But in being baptized ,we are reborn,cleansed, a new person.From that moment of repentance (Turning the opposite way) we can believe that God forgives us.The bible says He does not remember our past,it has been wiped away. Therefore we should forgive ourselves and strive to be pure and holy for the future.Because we now have Jesus,the Holy Spirit, living within us to keep us convicted to doing only God's will.Obeying His prompting. Living to be like Jesus Christ.That is our goal.P.T.L. Oh man,those pumpkins are ugly and scary!! Yuck!

  5. Love the carvings! Very creative. I surely won't be doing anything of that caliber any time soon. We stick to the very traditional triangle eyes sort of jack-o-lantern.

  6. those pumpkin carvings are awesome!