Friday, October 1, 2010

Fraggy Friday

Friday on my blog is reserved for Fraggy Friday's. It's a compilation of some random thoughts I have on any given subjects or comments on things that have happened this week.

So without further delay, let's get fraggy with it!

*** First off let me just say that the picture above brings back many great memories! We use to play Mario Kart to death. And I literally mean we couldn't put it down! Even dad would get in on the action and play with us kids. It became a family staple for a while and we would always look forward to getting home from school so we could get our Mario Kart on! It's funny how a video game like this could cause riffs and heated tempers one minute and then the next minute it would bring you together with your brother or sister or even your dad. We had some great times with Mario Kart, good times indeed.


The last time the Cincinnati Reds were in the playoffs (yes just the playoffs, not the World Series. It is THAT big a deal!) was in 1995. I was in the 7th grade!!

This past Tuesday, September 28 the Reds beat Houston 3-2 when Outfielder Jay Bruce hit a game winning home run to send the Reds to the playoffs by clinching the NL Central division. The game was tied at 2 in the ninth inning when Bruce knocked the ball into the bleachers, erasing the Reds (previous) 15 year streak of bad luck!

Speaking of bad luck...

Looking at the picture above it looks like the Cubbies are still in a slump. Poor Cubs fans, my heart truly goes out to you guys!

Good luck to the Reds on their journey to the World Series!!

*** I just picked up a book at our local library by Billy Graham. It's called Storm Warning. I opened it up and looked at the chapter layout and read what each chapter was titled. The one that caught my attention the most was called The Cult of Self. Intrigued I paged through the book until I arrived at that chapter and this one sentence alone is probably what prompted me to go ahead and check out the book...Me, Myself and I has come to be known as the trendy trinity. DANG!! This is going to be a page turner. I can already tell.

*** A subject on the local sports radio talk show was discussing Kentucky basketball fans yesterday. Apparently fans have been camping out and waiting in line since early Tuesday morning for - get this - a CHANCE to buy some vouchers for UK's upcoming Midnight Madness basketball practice game. The question on the radio was, in your opinion, are these people FANS or FREAKS? My vote goes in the direction of FREAK. But let me ask you this - is there anything you would be willing to wait in line that long for? If so what?

*** On Fraggy Friday's I'm going to also do a thing called This Day In History. I always like seeing all the interesting things that have happened on this day years ago. Maybe this way we can learn something together. }:~)
  • 1903 - 1st baseball World Series, Pitts Pirates vs Boston Pilgrims (Red Sox)
  • 1908 - Henry Ford introduces Model T car (costs $825) I wish it was still that same price today!
  • 1910 - Berkshire Cattle Fair held in Pittsfield Mass (1st state fair)
  • 1942 - Little Golden Books (children books) begins publishing
  • 1952 - 1st ultra high frequency (UHF) television station, Portland Or
  • 1958 - Inauguration of NASA
  • 1962 - Johnny Carson hosts his 1st Tonight Show, Joan Crawford guests
  • 1967 - Pink Floyd's 1st US tour (arrives in NYC)
  • 1968 - "Night of the Living Dead" premieres in Pittsburgh
  • 1970 - 63 arrest in riot to buy Rolling Stone tickets in Milano, Italy
  • 1971 - Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida opens
  • 1974 - Watergate cover-up trial opens in Wash DC
  • 1977 - Elton John honored by MSG Hall of Fame
  • 1982 - EPCOT Center opens in Orlando Florida
  • 1989 - Dallas Cowboy, Ed "Too Tall" Jones records his 1,000th NFL tackle. Anyone seen the recent Geico commercial featuring Ed?
  • 1995 - Indians set record of 30 game lead over 2nd place team
Now is anyone willing to admit if they remember any of these events??

Have a GREAT Friday!!!

Be Blessed!


  1. I remember the inaguaration of NASA ... (kidding)

    Um... I'm going to admit - I've waited for QUITE awhile to get front row for Steven Curtis Chapman concerts... like HOURS!!!!

    We've also waited for HOURS on Black Friday for a store to open to get a stupid freaking tool set thing for my nephew... fighting crazed moms at 5:00 am... I wonder if my nephew, who is now 15 still loves it... I need to call & ask him! :)

  2. I remember working on the plans for the Ark with Noah!! He really liked my ideas.
    I remember more than half of that list. What does THAT tell you????
    Joe's mom

  3. I remember how you kids drove me CRAZY with that Mario Kart. I also liked to play with you kids, but I always wrecked and went over the cliffs. Besides, SOMEONE had to cook the suppers for you kids. LOL
    Love you,