Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Loaf Of Bread

I'm the type of person that has all sorts of dreams.

Some of them have been very crazy and irrelevant and some of them have been very spiritual. My dreams almost always tend to be on the spiritual side.

My mom named me Joseph. Yeah THAT Joseph, the one in the Bible who could interpret dreams. Ironic huh? (At least I didn't have a bunch of brothers that could try and throw me in a pit and sell me off.)

Anyway, as I stated, I have lots of spiritual dreams and if you are close to me I might have shared some of them with you already. I had one last night. A very vivid and detailed dream.

Here goes...

I dreamed I was preaching again back at a church I used to go to in eastern Kentucky. The small church wasn't packed with people, I'd say it was about half full.

I was about to start preaching when all of a sudden I noticed a loaf of bread that was sitting on the table just below the pulpit. I stepped down and onto the floor where the front seats were and noticed my dad was in one of the seats. I sat down next to him and as soon as I did he started reaching out to try and touch the loaf of bread. He tried and tried and just couldn't seem to reach it enough to touch it.

I then tried to help him reach it I guess by trying to reach it myself but I just couldn't seem to help him get it. He was sad and I was sad but then I stood back up and started preaching the most passionate sermon I could have ever preached! I was soo into it too. I was sweating and emphasizing certain points and really putting all of my heart into it. For some reason I was on fire for God and I was determined to preach a message that would stick with the people. But for some reason they all looked confused. They looked at me like I was speaking a totally different language! And that just set me on fire that much more! I was more determined to try and reach those people than ever before.

I suddenly woke up. And when I did the dream seemed so real I thought I was sweating and eventually realized I wasn't. Once I figured out where I was and that it was just a dream I had this thought; Why in the world was there a loaf of bread in the middle of church? And secondly, why was my dad trying to touch it?

I finally fell back asleep until it was time for me to get up and get ready for work.

On my way in to work this morning I kept thinking about that dream and why in the world there was a loaf of bread in the middle of church? I was almost at my desk when all of a sudden it struck me...

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life"!!!

And just as soon as that thought occurred to me my stomach fell and I had cold chills all over my body. My dad was trying to touch Jesus!! But more importantly my dad was trying to touch Jesus and I couldn't help him. For some reason I just couldn't help him reach the loaf of bread. I tried my hardest, I really tried hard to help him touch it but it just wouldn't work.

And when I seen that he was trying to touch the loaf of bread (Jesus) then that gave me a passion to preach the word of God that I'd never had before! I put my heart and soul into trying to preach to those lost people but they still didn't get it. They still looked at me like I wasn't speaking their language.

Although I figured out that the loaf of bread symbolized Jesus I still can't figure out exactly what it means. I haven't been able to shake it all morning. But I do know this, usually when I have those dreams I don't know what they mean right away. I will sometimes be driving down the road a few days later and then all of a sudden the answer hits me and the meaning is clear. For now I have to hold on to the fact that it will come to me later.

So see what I mean? I almost always have spiritual dreams like this. And now that I am making my blog more personal I look forward to sharing more and more of these dreams with you. Maybe you can tell me what you think about it. I would like that.

Just don't go knitting me a coat of many colors. }:~)

Be Blessed!


  1. Good thing I'm a "SISTER" & not a brother to you... so no pushing you in a hole... but hmmm, how about a HAT of many colors! :)

    I love to hear about your dreams... I truly believe God uses them still today!

  2. Awesome dream Joe... can't wait to hear what you figure out in the days to come....

  3. Thanks Joe. That is so cool that you are like Joesph of the Bible and have these spirit filled dreams. I generally have bad dreams that I don't want to remember.I wish I could have good dreams,but that's not me so let's move on.I was thinking just the other night when I was talking to Erica, of how I missed you preaching at our church.Any chance of that happening again? My favorite Chinese fortune cookie proverb is: Teach and you learn twice.

  4. Thanks Tonia, you're far too kind.

    It's really hard to plan anything with Emily's condition but I do look forward to preaching again. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    And Rebecca, a hat of many colors might not be too bad!

    Lynn, I wll be sure to repost if I figure it out in the days ahead. I usuall do.