Thursday, May 21, 2009

Being Prepared

The last couple of days have been very eventful for Erica and I. On Tuesday morning just shortly after I got to work she called me up and told me she wasn't feeling good. She said she was kind of sick and that her blood pressure was up pretty high. I told her to let me know if she needed me to come home and I would come and take care of her. About an hour later she let me know that things weren't changing and that it would probably be best if I did come home.

Once I got there she still wasn't feeling good. I took over the responsibility of watching the kids for her and let her rest. She called the doctor and they wanted her to come in and get checked out. We did so, and what ended up happening was we won an overnight trip to the hospital. They wanted to keep her for observation to bring her blood pressure down and to keep an eye on the frequent contractions she was having.

We got through the restless night and the next morning everything was fine so we were allowed to go home but Erica is now on complete bed rest until after we have the baby. I'm so happy for that because she does need to just rest. I thought for sure that we'd be coming home with baby Emily but it is much better to let her cook for as long as she can. We will meet her soon enough. Her health is the main priority right now, not her parents wishes to see her soon. We're so anxious! :)

In the swirl of all that has happened the last couple of days I've been thinking more and more about the importance of being prepared and how it also effects our spiritual lives.

Erica and I were ready for whatever might happen at the doctors visit. We had all our bags packed and even Emily's stuff together just in case we did find we were coming home with one more extra family member. We were ready to go at the drop of a hat. And that made things so much better.

Being prepared makes staying calm a lot easier. It allows you to keep your cool because it doesn't add more stress when you realize you need something you don't have.

Our relationship with the Lord should look like one that's went through as much preparation as possible.

What does that mean exactly?

It could mean that you study and reflect on His word so much that when trials and hard times come your way you can rest assured that things will be okay by recalling scripture that reaffirms and reassures your fears.

It could mean you realize that the closer you get to God the harder Satan will try and stop you. So you put up safeguards to keep you from straying away from the good shepherd. You put up a fence in the areas of your life where you are more prone to giving in to temptation.

It could mean that you examine your walk frequently to see if you are missing anything that might be beneficial in growing your relationship with the Lord.

Being prepared makes things easier when the clock is ticking. How prepared are you?

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