Friday, May 15, 2009


Clayton King is an evangelist that I've started reading lately. His blog updates are usually very insightful and it's good to get a dose of experience from someone who travels around the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has no home church, just travels all around spreading the good news. You don't see too many people doing that. Most people are too scared that they won't be able to make enough money to support their family if they don't have a home church and thus they tend to shy away from this type of ministry work. I admire Clayton's obedience and fearless passion.

The other day I noticed something on his blog that made me stop and think.

Jesus asked him once, "If I pulled everything out from under you - am I going to be enough?"


I was busted! Right there on the spot. I'm dead serious.

So many times in my life my relationship with the Lord has looked like this...

Jesus + stuff = enough

When in reality it should be like this...

Jesus = enough

If God pulled everything out from under your feet today would Jesus still be enough?

Think about it. Maybe it's what we all need to be thinking about more and more as we examine our devotion to Christ.

I was busted and truthfully I was ashamed of it. But I'm so thankful that I just "happened" to come across Clayton's blog post. Coincidence perhaps? I don't think so.

How devoted are you?

Is Jesus alone enough?

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  1. I think that thought makes everyone cringe... I think we are all used to "STUFF" & sometimes even EXPECT it - or consider it a Blessing!!! When we see STUFF as the blessing in our lives & not the love, friendships, life that GOD has given us ... we got even MORE problems!

    Good post Joe!