Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Satan's Views Of Church

I thought Pastor Craig Groeschel and the staff at his church did a great job portraying what Satan likes to see in our church's. If some of the things in this video speaks to you then maybe it's time we took notice!


  1. I hadn't seen this one... I saw the one where Satan talks about money - that's a funny one too!

    The "J-guy"

    I cracked up at his comment on the Board Meeting too...

    These are great... sad that there is some truth in it... but they hit it home!

  2. I love this team's work. They are pretty much dead-on with it - which is sad. But will it change us just because we can relate? I think most people will see this and relate it to someone other than themselves. See it as if they are themselves not affected by Satan or part of the problems of the church. That's part of Satan's tricks too.