Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank You!!

From the bottom of my heart I personally want to thank each and every person who made baby Emily's baby shower what it was. It was simply amazing!!

Words can't describe how blessed Erica and I feel to be surrounded by such great family and friends. We still can't get over how much our baby girl is loved by people she hasn't even met yet. She is going to be such a loved baby and I can't wait for her to get to know ALL OF YOU!!

You have no idea what a blessing all of you are to us. As we sat in the living room looking through everything that our baby girl will get to enjoy this proud papa had to fight back tears of joy (that doesn't happen very often just so you know). :)

Thank you guys so much. I can't wait for Emily to get to know all the angels that have surrounded her during this pregnancy. All of you have made it that much easier for us to describe to her what a loving God we truly serve.

God Bless All Of You!!


  1. Its an honor to love on both mommy & baby!!!! We just cant wait to meet this little Princess!!!

  2. I agree with Bec... and thanks to both of you for allowing us to be a part of loving this little one... she is truly a gift from God... and a gift that is so very loved!!! And we love both of you as well... you are going to be such awesome parents!!

  3. I couldn't have ever imagined a better shower! I was so great and I am so thankful to have such amazing friends in my life. Somedays I just don't know what I would do without you all!!! Thank you so much for all that you do!

  4. I'm just sorry I missed it! I don't think a group of people have been more excited to see a baby come into the world than yours! Emily is such a blessing to everyone.

    I know - I can hook you up for dinner sometime!