Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Controversial Topics

I just thought I would share a few things I've been trying to find some answers to on my own, but after getting little success, I thought I would open it up to you guys so you can tell me your input. So here goes, sorry if some of this stuff is heavy, or maybe a bit controversial! 8)

Is secular music really to be totally shunned? And how does a song become "Christian" anyway? Of course I don't listen to a song that is filled with profanity but to even forbid a station to be on in your vehicle unless its a "Christian" one is something I'm trying to understand.

Why can't Jesus show up at a board meeting just one time??? Enough said.

Why aren't parents partnering with youth leaders more for the sake of their children??? It would make our day to see a parent walk in and ask questions about their kids. SERIOUSLY!!! It's not like their salvation is at stake here or anything...

Since when did working or volunteering for the church become the same as tithing? Wake up folks its NOT the same!

How can someone who claims the name of Christ hate his bride (the church) so much? This is one that I'm really struggling with. I just don't get how a person can be so against church "so-and-so". If that style or denomination doesn't fit you then fine you don't have to like it, but what's with absolutely hating it? (Maybe I have a guilty conscience on this one, but I have since repented of those thoughts so I'm asking you now.)

Since when did our kingdom become more important than His kingdom???


  1. I think people just ENJOY "our" Kingdom more... not realizing what is being missed out for "HIS KINGDOM".... or what WILL be missed out on... sad!

    Awesome questions Joe!

  2. All excellent questions and the answer to them all is probably "SELF". Society has said that "self" is all important... what you do for YOU and for YOUR glory is very important... somehow GOD has been left out of it all.

    Even when it comes to parents asking about their children in Youth... they are more worried about their lives to focus on the lives of their children... after all they are ONLY children, right?

    Yep... Self... and as for when it started???? In the beginning.....