Monday, January 5, 2009

Quotes And Thoughts

I was reading Perry Noble's blog this morning and seriously all I can say is Wow!!

Here are a few of his thoughts...
  • For the record, I did say the phrase, “get the hell out of this church!” You’ll need to listen to the podcast to catch it in context…and, just in case you are wondering…I meant exactly what I said!

  • Yes, I really do believe that the church ought to be the most crowded place on the planet EVERY single Sunday!

  • If a churches goal is to keep the Christians happy…then God probably isn’t happy!

Now, when I read that first phrase, "get the hell out of this church" I imagine what a powerful sermon it would be to preach on all the ways we allow ourselves to reflect hell instead of Jesus. All the drama and unnecessary baggage we bring into our church that reflects a negative message, a very negative message, maybe a hellish message!

I just couldn't believe it when I read that phrase. Wow!

Second, I totally agree that our churches all over the world should be the most crowded places on Sunday but sadly enough this isn't true. Instead I find when I go to Wal-Mart or to a restaurant on a Sunday they are very crowded and busy. Just makes you think...

And third, if we are catering to certain people I believe the chance for slipping up is bound to happen. Let's face it, we all know there are certain messages that people need to hear that isn't going to be well received by everyone, but Jesus does call us to preach the message no matter how popular or unpopular it will be. I think we've got to get out of the mindset of preaching popular sermons. I'd hate to be labeled as someone who "tickled many ears" when I'm facing my maker someday!

God has been stretching me a lot lately and to read this guys blog this morning is like a megaphone. I love the way the Lord speaks to us through all kinds of resources!!

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  1. I love all of those quotes... get the HELL out.. Oh, I'm going to be using that ALOT!!!