Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stretching Process

I'm currently being stretched in my walk with the Lord like nothing I've ever experienced before. From almost all aspects of my life things have been changing big time! I'm loving every bit of it but I must say that to do a 180 in such a quick and short amount of time feels like I'm going through some type of boot camp in which I am becoming a completely different person. Here are just some of the things that the Lord and I are currently working on together...

  1. Changing me from a me thinking person to a kingdom thinking person.

  2. Making me aware of opportunities to be an example of Christ or to minister to someone. (I would have missed these opportunities in the past because I wasn't really looking for them!)

  3. Completely changing the way I feel about and treat my wife! Ministry is all about loving others and who better to start practicing this with than your own wife!

  4. Changing my perspective in all situations. (See my post titled when life gives you lemons)

  5. Reminding me that I am commanded to keep a Sabbath day!

  6. Prayer time is the best wireless connection!

  7. Reading the Bible is one of the best practices of self discipline.

  8. Making an effort to get away and hear from God produces results. Not always but more than you would think!

  9. Realizing how much God truly loves me more and more each day compels me to obedience! How else can we show our appreciation for all He's done for us but to obey Him?

There are other things the Lord is currently improving in my life but I just felt like these were some of the "biggies".

What are some of the things that the Lord is currently working on with you?

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  1. The first two things that came to mind were getting into the Word more consistently and praying "at the moment" not saying, I'll pray for you and then waiting ....