Friday, May 21, 2010

Christ's Letters

2 Corinthians 3:3 (NLT)

3 Clearly, you are a letter from Christ showing the result of our ministry among you. This “letter” is written not with pen and ink, but with the Spirit of the living God. It is carved not on tablets of stone, but on human hearts.

Funny how you often hear of someones "life story" when they pass away or when you are at a funeral. That person is remembered by the things and events that made up their personal story. It's an easy way to honor and describe that particular loved one that was called away. Sometimes you see this on the news when it's a celebrity or public figure. Pictures and videos will be shown to give the viewer a better understanding of what that persons story consisted of.

In 2 Corinthians 3:3 Paul is writing to the church in Corinth and telling them that their lives are not just "life stories." In fact, Paul tells us that as Christians, we are more than just some story, but instead we are actual letters from Christ!

How we live our lives in this world while in a relationship with Christ sends a message. A personal message from Christ to the lost that is not just some story but instead a letter from the very son of God.

It's true that even though you may go your whole life without knowing Christ you will still end up with some kind of story at your death. But how powerful and wonderful is it to know that if you live your life for Christ you end up being His personal letter to those around you?!?!

What is Christ saying through you and your story?

Is your personal "Christ letter" getting delivered or is it getting lost in the mail?

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