Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Big Is God?

Maybe you can hear it right now. A little girl asks her daddy unexpectedly, "Daddy, how big is God?"

The father, caught off guard by such a surprising question takes a few minutes to gather his thoughts and then tries to explain to his daughter how big he thinks God is.

After he gives his best answer the daughter, now satisfied, squeezes the grip she holds with her father. Her tiny hand interlocked with his is all he thinks about for the rest of their walk.

It's an innocent enough question isn't it? One we might have asked already once or maybe even on several occasions. One can't help but wonder just how big God really is. Think of all the ways you can answer that question. Then think of how many of those answers would be correct. I'm pretty sure all of them would be correct in some way or another. But how DO you answer this question really?

The answer is easy. In fact you might not have even considered it if you hadn't been thinking about it.

The answer is this; God is as big as you are close to Him.

Do you understand?

Maybe this will help; Your relationship with God determines how big He is!! How good is your realtionship with Him? In other words, how close to Him are you?

You see, I've heard it said that God is like a mountain in the distance. The closer I get to Him the bigger he becomes. And the more I walk with Him in my life the more I realize this saying is true.

God is big enough to handle EVERYTHING!

He is big enough to be with me in the smallest of places!

He is big enough to love me when I'm unlovable.

He is big enough to provide for me when I don't deserve it.

And he is big enough to let me figure out on my own just how big He really is.

I think that alone is a testamet to how big God is. The fact that he subtly let's us figure that out on our own, but only if we really want to know...

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