Friday, April 9, 2010

Fraggy Friday

I wanted to do something on my blog that I could update weekly so after seeing that a few of my blogger friends were already doing this I decided to jump on the wagon myself...

* Baseball Season Is Here!!! - I'm so happy that baseball season is now back in full swing. I think I've watched a total of about 5 games so far this week and looking forward to some weekend games too. What is it about the game of baseball that just seems to say AMERICAN?? Maybe I get it from my grandpa because dad isn't the biggest fan of the game. Dad told me that grandpa ( I never met him because he died before I was born ) was always watching or listening to baseball games. I'm sure I have to take it after him because when the season starts I'm all about it. I consider that one of my best connections and tributes to him. Sometimes I just wish I could have spent a full day with him. I'm sure we would have spent a lot of our time talking about the game.

* My Allergies Are Going Nuts! - Seriously! And the strangest thing about it all is I NEVER had allergy problems until just last year. What's up with that?? How can you go your whole life with no allergy problems and then all of a sudden it hits you like a brick wall? Yesterday I felt like just getting a garden rake and scratching my eyes with it. That's how much they were itching! I love warmer weather but could do without the allergy season.

* Can We Learn Something From Tiger Woods and Jesse James? - The short answer of course is yes but if you want the longer one then consider just how many things we can learn from them. I believe in giving people a second chance because that's what Christ did for us - to give us a second chance. BUT once you've been given a second, third, fourth or 16th chance then maybe you need to pause and ask what it is you really want. If these men really wanted to devote themselves to their respective wives then they wouldn't have messed up in the first place - or especially after the numerous other chances they were given. Perhaps the biggest thing we can learn from them is Satan comes to "steal, kill and destroy" NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!! John 10:10

* Minute To Win It IS AWESOME!!! - Erica and I have started watching NBC's new game show and we are HOOKED!! Have you seen it? It is seriously some of the most challenging and funny looking stunts I've seen someone have to do. Our good friend Lynn has suggested that we take on the challenge of trying some of these things at our next game night and I am waiting with bated breathe for this to happen. Especially with all the good friends we have. There is bound to be some "kodak moments" when we get together for this.

* Do We Really Need To See Kate Gosselin In TWO MORE SHOWS??? - I about had a cow this morning when I was looking at the updates on my Yahoo homepage and seen what it said: "Kate Gosselin, kids to star in new TV shows. The reality star announces two shows, one involving her fans and the other her eight kids." Are you serious?? Enough with Kate already!!!

* Say A Prayer For The Miners - I grew up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with many miners in my family. The news about the recent tragedy at the West Virginia coal mine has kept me in prayer all week. I can't imagine what those families are going through right now. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as you use the electricity they work and sacrifice so hard for us to enjoy.

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend and as always, BE BLESSED!!!

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  1. Oh man... I'm so looking forward to our Minute to Win it night!!!!

    You know you're going to watch Kate in all her shows! ;)