Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fear Of The Dark?

A light in the black,
just a fear of the dark?

It's crazy but sometimes when I'm really frustrated or just needing to unload I listen to some hard rock. It's my tool for self-therapy. I was listening to Iron Maiden recently (yeah, I know, that's pretty hard hard rock) when the song fear of the dark came on.

The first two lines of the song are written above. And as soon as I heard those lines spoken it got me thinking...

As Christians, are we really in it to be a light in the black OR do we have just a fear of the dark???

That floored me!!

Immediately I felt guilty for listening to something as hard or "unchristian" as Iron Maiden, but yet at the same time I was thankful because I felt like God was teaching me something in this. I'm a person who believes that God can use anything to teach us lessons so I let the guilty feelings melt away. After all, doesn't the Bible say something about Satan being the "accuser".

I wasn't going to let this teachable moment get lost in feelings of guilt.

Sometimes I've found myself wondering if I'm fully devoted to the Lord or do I do it because I'm afraid of the consequences. And if you're honest I bet you've wondered the same thing to.

Maybe you've thought of it and instantly let it slide. My hope in this post is that you think of it a little more because I really do think it is a legit question. I by no means want to "accuse" or bring guilt to anyone reading this I just think our Lord deserves for us to be honest with ourselves.

Those two lines really got my attention, do they do the same for you?

And do you learn things from unusual places too? If so, I would love to hear about it.

- Joe

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