Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watch Out For Snakes!!

Perfect place to let your kids play huh?

At least they give you a warning!

But as I was thinking about how stupid you would have to be to let your kids play in that playground back there and just totally ignore the warning sign, it made me realize what we do all the time.

As sinners, we might find ourselves playing in sin. Even though we know we shouldn't and even though we know that God tells us that it is bad for us we still, like small children, find ourselves enticed by the lure of a good time.

The temptation is just too great for us to overcome sometimes. We must make our way to that playground and have a "good time". And all the while the warning sign stands and serves the purpose of letting us know what really might happen to us.

Isn't it so funny that while looking at this picture your first thought might have been, "okay we are out of here"! But why is it so hard for us to listen to God's warnings when sin is just so darn tempting?

God tells us to "watch out for snakes" and yet all we can think about is getting to play in that "playground" so we can have a "good time".

Thank God that Jesus died for our sins. Thank you God for all the warnings and thank you Jesus for rescuing us in our unsafe "playgrounds."

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  1. Great post, and I guess in reality, a snake weaves it's way through our lives daily!!!! What a reminder though!!!!