Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rest Area's

I used to HATE these signs on the side of the road!

Now they give me a new perspective.

If you are anything like me, when you are going somewhere far away you want to get there as quick as possible. Many times (before I was married) I made four hour trips to my dad's without ever stopping and resting. I had a place to go and I wanted to get their ASAP!

When I got married those four hour trips became a little longer because we would stop at least once at the area's the friendly blue sign invites us to. And now that we have a 7 month old angel the stops have become even more fequent!

Do you know what that does to a person who is always in such a hurry to just "get there"?

My hate for rest area's was so crazy at one point I would hold my breathe and pray that my wife didn't see the blue sign when we would pass one because I just knew she would say that we should stop.

Why did they have to put these rest area's so close together? Couldn't one stop within four hours be enough?

Now though, since the birth of my daughter, I'm starting to outgrow my hate for the rest area.

One day I had this thought as I was recently passing one on the Interstate:

God longs for us to use Rest Area's!!!

Now think about it for a minute. Have you ever noticed how busy your life is? How you are always in such a hurry to "just get things done."

It's like you are on a trip and all you want to do is "just get there."

That's how, if we're not careful, our lives end up becoming.

You have deadlines, commitments and expectations to meet. You promised so-and-so that you would be there. You prioritized that other need before your own needs.

See, if we allow ourselves to get so busy that we don't have time to rest then we quickly wear ourselves out. Even if we think we can handle it just fine!!

God wants us to make room for Him. He wants us to know that we can find rest in Him. Even when we think we are doing just fine without it.

Rest area's along the Interstate are good for many things: Changing baby's diapers, stretching your legs, checking the pressure in your tires or just grabbing a snack. These rest area's allow room for you to check on your car to see if it will make it the rest of the trip.

Rest area's with the God of this universe are even better for many reasons: Self-evaluation, spiritual growth, prayer, reading God's word, and simply laying your yoke and many burdens on the ground at Jesus' feet!

God doesn't want us to take for granted the huge impact that making time for Him can play in our spiritual walk. If you've become too "busy" to rest in Him you need to recheck yourself. This trip wasn't meant to be over with ASAP!!

Make time for rest area's in your life. Don't be like the 18-wheeler that zooms by without a second glance. You were made to ENJOY this ride called life! And besides, wouldn't you want to stop long enough to make sure you were even going in the right direction?

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.


  1. so does this mean I don't have to beg you to stop anymore? lol Great analogy!

  2. Great post....

    And head on over to my blog.... Tag... you're it! Time to count those blessing... know it lifted my spirits!