Monday, October 26, 2009

"Represent Christ Today!!"

I'm a HUGE football fan. Be it the NFL, College Football or High School Football I'm luvin' it!

I love the atmosphere, I love the game and I love the shear thought of just being around it.

I love me some football!

So as you might guess I was watching College Gameday on ESPN Saturday when they did a story on all the motivating traditions different schools did before they took the field.

Needless to say it was very interesting. I didn't realize that so many schools did such a variety of things before taking the field. Now, I'm not a huge Notre Dame fan, but I do like to catch a game or two when I can. And I've always known about their "Play Like A Champion Today" sign that each player touches in their own special way before taking the field.

I just didn't know so many other schools did such a variety of other things and I was very interested in the way CGD covered this story. As I watched about seven minutes of the story they eventually came to the Notre Dame sign pictured above and just as soon as I seen that sign this thought occured to me...

"Why don't Christians go out into the world with some kind of motivational tradition like this? Instead of "Play  Like A Champion Today why don't we Christians have a sign or something that says, "Represent Christ Today!"??

I don't know what triggered that thought.

Maybe there is just something spiritual about football 8-) but as I was taking in all the different things each school did before going to do battle on the field I wondered why Christians aren't this motivated to go out everyday and do battle in the world?

Maybe if we adopted this same kind of mindset we could make a little bigger impact in the world. Seems to me that a lot of Christians forget that Christ already won the victory. Now we just gotta go out and RUN UP THE SCORE!!!!

"Represent Christ Today!"

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