Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My New Title Is This...

Okay it's time for some real honesty here.

I used to have a problem with wanting to have the best title next to my name. (e.g. Youth Minister, Senior Minister etc.)

But God changed that for me yesterday.

I can't explain it really. It's just one of those things where you know you just had a "God-Moment" and you learn something huge and life-changing.

I've been too stuck on obtaining the right "title". And it's been getting in the way.


God set me free from those chains yesterday. The chains of thinking that a title next to my name makes me somebody will no longer hold me captive!

God gave me a new title. One that He prefers much better.

And it is simply this.....


nuff said!


  1. Buddy - you have MANY other wonderful titles that go with your name... Husband - Daddy - Youth Leader - FRIEND!!!! Many amazing title that God has given you! :)

  2. And the goal is to simply be faithful to that call.