Monday, October 19, 2009

I Have This Thing For Old Bibles...

So I have this thing for old Bibles. Always have really. From the time I was a little boy going to church in my early years to this very moment. When I was little I used to look around the congregation to see if I could spot the person who had the oldest Bible. To me that person was a hero and looked upon as the person I needed to try and imitate.

I'll be honest with you. I only wanted my first Bible solely for the purpose of just beginning the process of making it old! That seems funny now when I look back and think about it but my love for older Bibles is still very much as strong now as it was in those younger years.

When my parents divorced I took on the responsibility of keeping the family Bible. Not just because it had precious memories filled with crayon marks and torn pages from our youth but because it too was old.

I found a Bible from the 1800's one time when we moved to a new house. That, needless to say, was a very big treasure that I found.

There's just something about a Bible that has been well worn and used for years or maybe even centuries that I just absolutely love! I think about the history that lies within that Bible. I think about the hands that turned the pages, the hours spent in God's word and occasionally I'll wonder if maybe a little one sat in someone's lap and heard one of the many great stories for the very first time.

It's crazy I know, but I just have this thing for Old Bibles....


  1. I love them too.... I still need to show you my great grandpa's!!!

  2. Aren't they awesome?! When my grandma passed away she had asked that my uncle get her old bible. I actually took it first and copied pages with all of the family history written there, because of my fear that he would not see the importance of what lay between the covers. I've never asked him if he still has it, it has been nearly 20 years now... and I just don't want to know. It would make me too sad!

  3. Awesome post . . . I couldn't agree more. I call my mom's Bible the "filing cabinet." It is ragged, marked-up, and crammed with old cards, photos, articles, and other keepsakes. I used to love flipping through it when I was a kid.