Friday, October 9, 2009

God > Your Problems

God is greater than your problems!

So many times (especially lately), I've been more focused on the problems that surround me rather than God.

It's so easy to do isn't it?

A bad day at work, a flat tire or just simply a lot of stress in life can very easily throw our focus off of how great our God is.

It's like the alligator mouth. (This is what my math teacher use to call the greater than - less than sign to help us remember which way it was suppose to face in a math problem).When the alligator mouth turns from God and faces our problems instead, we end up with the wrong results every single time!

So let me ask you this....

Which direction is the alligator mouth pointing in your life right now?

Take a minute to see what you are focusing on the most.

Is it God or your problems?

If you are hungry for God during a stressful or difficult situation the alligator mouth should obviously be pointing towards God.

God is so much greater than your problems!


  1. I have a problem with losing my focus during tough times too.

    Thanks for the fresh perspective!

  2. Such a simple concept, you'd think believers would always remember! Wish it were that easy :).

    {Thanks for your visit to my blog!!}