Thursday, August 13, 2009

Conforming For Comfort

Don't conform for the sake of comfort!

Seems like everywhere you look people are compromising their morals to conform to the majority. But the majority is not where you want to be!

The majority of the population buys into the fact that there are gray area's you can fall into on a scale of black (wrong) or white (right). The truth is, God says there is either wrong or right, no in between. But our society has made this "phantom" gray area that says you are fine as long as you aren't completely 100% in the wrong. Like somehow a little bit of wrong is okay.

So let me get this straight, if I was on a fence between two properties (one property being Satan's and one belonging to Jesus) would I be okay just "riding the fence"? Let me ask you this - Who do you think owns the fence??

When you conform for comfort you might find the atmosphere around you a little easier to be in for the time being, but eventually you have to get off that fence and choose who's property you belong to. And by the way, NOT CHOOSING IS CHOOSING!!!

Do you conform for the sake of comfort or do you choose to stand on what you believe in?

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