Friday, May 1, 2009

Would You Rather...

Okay, so would you rather is a game we play with our students in the youth ministry. It is fun and sometimes crazy but always returns some intriguing answers from people you think you might have figured out. They always seem to throw you for a loop when they say the answer you didn't think they would give.

So since today is Friday I thought I would make this post fun and open it up to you!

1.) Would you rather...... have constipation or diarrhea? (This is the one we do most often with any new students we might get. They love it!)

2.) Would you rather....... spend your last night on earth with your closest friends or your favorite movie star?

3.) Would you rather....... drink one gallon of ketchup or one gallon of mustard?

4.) Would you rather....... have a third leg or a third arm?

5.) Would you rather....... save your life or someone else's?

6.) Would you rather....... show the world your first 30 seconds of life or your last 30 seconds of life?

7.) Would you rather....... be able to read every one's mind all the time or be able to read their future?

8.) Would you rather....... be stuck on a nonstop roller coaster for 8 hours or be stuck at the top of a ferris wheel for 24 hours?

9.) Would you rather........ be able to speak every language or create a new language?

10.) Would you rather........ have been at Jesus' birth or with Him and the disciples at communion?

11.) Would you rather ......... hear the things God hears or see the things God see's?

Can't wait to see your responses!


  1. 1. I'll always stick with constipation...
    2. What if Hugh Jackman becamse my closest friend?
    3. Ketchup!!! MMMM...
    4. 3rd arm - more knitting!
    5. someone else's
    6. first 30 seconds - I'm sure it was gory though
    7. Read their future - I DONT want to know what some people are thinking!
    8. Ferris Wheel for 24 hrs.. can I get delivery up there?
    9. Speak EVERY language - how cool would that be?
    10. Jesus birth.. if it were the communion - you'd have to see the cruicifixtion.. couldnt bear that
    11. I'll go with "sees"... to hear everything would be hearing the deep inner stuff... that would be worse, I think..

  2. 1. diarrhea
    2. closest friend
    3. eww ketchup i guess
    4. 3rd arm and 3rd leg would pretty much be useless
    5. someone else life
    6. I think they both are gonna be a little unpleasent but I say first at least a baby is cute
    7. future
    8. def ferris wheel for 24h you can sleep
    9. speak every lang
    10. they both would have been really cool to witness but I guess His birth-have to agree with Rebecca on this one. and hey I can teach Mary and Joseph Christmas carols!!
    11. wow another hard one He sees and hears things I could never dream of nor want to dream of maybe hear just so I don't have to put a face to a voice

  3. Okay....
    1. Don't they always seem to come together??? Yeah... constipation...

    2. Closet friends...

    3. Ketchup

    4. Third Arm... three legged pants... no way...

    5. someone else's

    6. last 30 seconds

    7. Future ... I certainly don't want to hear what they are thinking

    8. Ferris wheel

    9. speak every language

    10. Communion - can't ask a baby questions

    11. see the things that God sees... seeing is believiing, right?