Friday, April 3, 2009

Look At All That Hair!

Here's the latest picture of my baby girl. The doctor told Erica that she needed to get some barrettes because she has a ton of hair. He wasn't kidding!

Just about every ultrasound picture we've gotten of her shows her with her hands up like she's praying. How awesome is that?

I can't wait to hold her in my arms!!!

This is one proud papa. :-)


  1. OMG wow i am so happy for you! you are very blessed! :D and a baby with a head full of hair is always a great sign. i bet she will be beautiful! congratulations :D

  2. Can't wait to meet this little girl!!! Guess I need to start purchasing some hair wear for the "Emily Bag"!!! (You know, I buy her something nearly every time I go out... do you think she'll feel spoiled in any way, shape or form by all of her "extended aunties"??!!)