Monday, March 9, 2009

What A Blessed Day!

So yesterday was my second time filling in as the preacher at GCC on a Sunday morning. I really feel like God blessed that message so much! I talked about a few different perspectives on faith and how we tend to view it from two stories in Mark. The first perspective being in Mark 2:1-12 and the second one in Mark 9:14-29. The two perspectives were all retold in a 12 minute film that Barry (our worship minister) and I did and put together. The video turned out really great and I will post a link to it on YouTube as soon as we have it up.

In Mark 2 we have the perfect example of what a faith that holds nothing back would look like. How if we practiced that perspective of faith there would be no obstacles holding us back from bringing our friends and family to the feet of Jesus.

Mark 9 however describes what I feel is the perspective of faith that sadly, we display most often, and that is a faith that is filled with unbelief or doubt. Just like the father in this story we are so quick to say that yes we do believe in Jesus and that he died for us but we don't have faith in Him. In other words, we believe but we need help with our own unbelief!

I truly feel that these two stories really gave everyone a much needed look at their own faith and enabled them to examine which perspective they fall into themselves.

But that's not all!

Besides an awesome message from the Lord I was also much surprised when I looked outside just before church was about to start and seen my dad and step mom had driven 4 hours to come and hear me preach!

Needless to say that really put a lot of wind in my sails yesterday! I was really excited to be preaching this message but to see the support of my folks and to see that they drove so far to see me preach was such a huge blessing!

God really blessed me yesterday to say the least. After church we got to spend a couple of hours together and even went and picked out Emily's bed that they wanted to buy for us! They wanted their first granddaughter to have that gift from her grandparents and we were so blessed that they wanted to do that.

Do we serve a great God or what?!!!!


  1. You did a great job Joe!!! That video was incredible too! I did snag a picture of the church sign.. I'll send it to you tonight!

    And how nice for your parents to get Emily's bed...I know you enjoyed your time with your parents!! What a cool surprise!

  2. That was sweet of them. Kailyn's Nanny & Pappy bought her crib.