Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Other News....

Apparently Barbie has a new design. Yeah that's right now you can buy Barbie with a tattoo on her lower back!

Now, first off I must set the record straight by saying that I have absolutely nothing against tattoos, in fact I thought about getting one myself but was always just too chicken. (So if you have one please understand I still love ya and think your cool!) :)

Anyway, I've noticed this version of Barbie is creating a bunch of stink with some parents. On the Internet you can see where it is a controversial subject that is getting much attention and that is what motivated me to bring it here to my blog.

I would like to know what your opinion of this version of Barbie is.

Do you think it is harmless and fine and would you buy it for your daughter?


Do you sympathize with the parents who are raising their voices? And if so why?

Keep in mind, I will be raising a baby girl soon and if for no other reason than that I am curious to see what everyone has to say about it!


  1. WHAT???? I hadnt even heard of that... guess its a good thing our girls are grown...

    Its weird - I dont mind tattoos - still want to get my Beauty & the Beast one! But I dont know about influencing little girls about it...

    but yet, they also already are sporting the wipe off tats... so its not like they aren't seeing them anyways... oh geez... more stuff to worry about!

  2. Well, personally, I think it's more about WHERE it's placed. Where this tat is has a lot of sexual innuendo/connotation with it. From my radio days - I learned this particular placement was more of a "view" for the guy than a statement for the girl. And I'm not against tats - like Rebecca, I want one too. Only mine would be the =W= design.

  3. I agree with the girls...it's about the placement for me.

    Kailyn wears the temporary tatoos sometimes but they are on her hand or arm not somewhere that she has to be exposing herself for it to be seen.