Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stop Insulting God!

A pastor I was listening to yesterday said something in his sermon that nearly brought me out of my seat.

He said, "Can we please stop insulting God about the economy when we live in America?" Seriously!

I had to back up and listen to that again. He made several good points about the fact that we have it much better than everyone else and yet we insult God by complaining that we don't have enough. Some of his examples were as follows...
  • As Americans we have a hard time deciding what to throw out instead of trying to decide how we are going to eat.

  • We have houses for our cars! Others just crave to have a shack the size of our garages.

  • We complain because we might have to cut back on eating out while others are going days without eating at all.

  • We wonder how we are going to send our kids to college while others are just struggling to provide a basic education for their kids.

He went on about how we take so many things for granted in America and yet have the audacity to complain that we still don't have enough. We complain because the economy is struggling and yet we fail to realize that God has truly blessed us beyond what we deserve.

It's one thing to be concerned about our economic health in America but it is something else to act like we have it so bad when we have it better than anyone else in the world.

Maybe we should stop insulting God about the economy.


  1. you know - I was thinking of that the other day... you see all these "storage units" going up & so many people use them because their houses are too full of junk already & yet, we continue to buy buy buy!!! And even more - spend on renting space for more junk... how we dont see how bad other parts of the world are & how spoiled we are & then complain to God...