Monday, February 16, 2009

So check this out. I didn't realize this was on until it was too late. Apparently it was on Friday night and I just found out about it today as people in the work place was talking about it. I kept hearing the words "Appalachia" and wondered what was being said. Low and behold this documentary was shown depicting a life that I once knew.

You see, I grew up around this. This was my surrounding all the way up to graduation. I know this better than anyone and I would have loved the chance to see this documentary.

Sometimes they get it right, most of the time they overlook many things. In an effort to raise awareness of the poverty stricken area I used to call home America has seen where I come from.

Please, feel free to talk about this with me if you watched it. I would love the opportunity to talk about the area I grew up in.

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  1. I wonder if its on - sometimes they play things on that...

    It looks interesting - sorry I missed it! But I think it shows that while poverty is an issue in these areas, the closeness to family & God is overwhelming too!