Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Concerned At All?

Yesterday I asked if we as Christians were concerned about prayer as much as Satan possibly is.

But I think this is much deeper than we realized.

Are we concerned about ANYTHING as much as Satan is?

Honestly? It seems as though sometimes we aren't.

Anytime two enemies engage in battle the opponents will study each other exhaustively. Trying to find any areas of weakness or vulnerability. They do this to learn the opponent so the final strike of the deadly blow will be taken when the opportunity arises.

But do we even know enough about our God and our Christian walk to be armed and ready to take on the enemy full force?

I'm afraid not, and this is a cause for concern. Until we truly realize that we are in a REAL spiritual war we will simply go through the motions and leave ourselves vulnerable to every attack and opportunity for defeat the enemy will through at us.

Are you concerned at all?


  1. "Are we concerned about ANYTHING as much as Satan is?" - that's a crazy thought Joe!!!

    I think Satan wants us to be concerned about ourselves more than anything - when we focus on ourselves & not outward - his job is easy....

  2. I've been learning a new perspective from Job the past couple of days - his focus was totally on GOD. Satan never got the attention from Job. The afflictions were allowed by God, the restoration came from God. Satan didn't get any credit at all. I think that's the key. As long as God stays the focus - we KNOW that Satan torments, but God allows everything to happen according to his Glory and purpose for us. I pray for God to defeat Satan in my situations, but I give ALL power over the situation to God.

    Does that make sense?