Monday, November 17, 2008

The Pursuit, Part 1

I would like to unpack some things I've learned from 1 Timothy 6:11. Paul charges Timothy to pursue 6 valuable things and over the next week I would like to unpack what those are.

1.) Righteousness

Paul charges Timothy to pursue righteousness and with righteousness comes life change!

How hard is it for us to sometimes look at our lifestyles and ask this question?

Are we truly pursuing righteousness?

I think that one might conclude that if we were, we would have to give up a lot of our old lifestyles. Because in our old lifestyles (our lives before a relationship with Christ) we had no access to righteousness.

Let me explain. In order for us to even pursue righteousness we have to first have a relationship with the one who is righteous, Jesus Christ. So in our previous lifestyles we couldn't even come close to being truly righteous.

We might have thought we were self righteous, but to pursue the righteousness that Paul is instructing Timothy here to pursue we have to have that relationship with Christ. For us to not have a relationship with Christ first makes it impossible for us to pursue righteousness.

Righteousness looks like Christ's life. It looks like the way he lived.

How much life change has happened in your life?

Are you pursuing righteousness?

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