Monday, November 24, 2008


On the night of April 14, 1912, the great ocean liner, the Titanic, crashed into an iceberg in the Atlantic and sank, causing great loss of life. One of the most curious stories to come from the disaster was of a woman who had a place in one of the lifeboats.

She asked if she could return to her stateroom for something and was given just three minutes. As she hurried through the corridors, she stepped over money and precious gems littering the floor where they had been dropped in haste. In her own stateroom she ignored her own jewelry, and instead grabbed three oranges. Then she quickly returned to her place in the boat.

Just hours earlier it would have been ludicrous to think she would have accepted a crate of oranges in exchange for even one small diamond, but circumstances had suddenly transformed all the values aboard the ship. The emergency had clarified her priorities.

Too often we learn too late what is really important!

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  1. Amen!!!

    Ask Ricky - he'll show you the most valulable thing he has out from the house he was in during the fire - a picture of Julie as a baby - its frayed on the edges - has black soot permanently in the picture - but he cherishes that picture - keeps it in his safe so nothing can harm it - the material possessions - they mean nothing in the end!