Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pay Attention To The Numbers

I seem to pay attention to some of the things that might usually get overlooked. For instance I was thinking this morning about Bobby's message about being 212 degrees. The reason this number is so significant is because the one degree that takes water from 211 degrees to 212 degrees is the difference between really hot water and boiling water. Boiling water produces steam and as we know steam is a powerful element that powers many things.

So why was the one degree that took the water from just really hot water to boiling water so important? Why didn't just 200 or even 211 degrees work?

So that led me on a path of wondering about all the numbers in the Bible. I went to biblegateway.com and just experimented with the most popular numbers and here's all the references I found on those numbers...

  • 40 days = 22 references

  • 3 days = 67 references

  • 7 days = 110 references

Now at first glance it just seems like these are just numbers and yeah the Bible is a big book so it makes since that these numbers would be mentioned approximately this many times but when you look further and dig a little bit deeper you see that all these numbers (in each one's own context of reference) is significant. Each one is very important for various reasons from acts of obedience to prophecies being fulfilled. Each one is so important that it was made a point to mention the exact number itself.

And once this information was gathered I started thinking about all the numbers in my life and if I was giving them the attention each one needed. For instance...

  • How many minutes do I spend with the Lord every day?

  • How many days do I starve myself from Worship?

  • How many years have passed that He has watched over me? .......Even when I didn't believe?

  • How many people am I ministering to?

  • How many people am I helping walk with the Lord?

  • How many people am I setting an example for?

  • How many unnecessary things do I waste my time with?

I think God would have us pay attention to the numbers.

Have you thought about all the numbers in your life?


  1. I just learned that the name of "Jesus" in the Bible can somehow literally be translated as "888" in Hebrew. (I think the number eight in scripture symbolizes newness, new beginnings, fresh starts, etc.) Did you realize last Friday was 8/8/08? Kind of interesting, Huh!