Friday, May 30, 2008

Quote Of The Week

Ruth Graham, the wife of Billy Graham, was traveling with her husband through a construction site and at the end of the site she spotted a sign in which she liked so much that she was quoted as saying that she wanted it written on her tombstone. The sign read...

"Construction finished. Thank you for your patience."

That simple thank you was seen by her as the most simplistic description of her life. I think we can look at our lives in the same way as well. As we go through the day to day things, the obstacles and the achievements we manage to get through, it is very similar to that of a time of construction. Our lives are being shaped and formed, "constructed" in a way that is pleasing and brings honor to God. And when that construction is finally over with we will be able to say to our loved ones and the creator of everything, "thank you for your patience."

What a great way to look at life huh? Thanks Ruth!

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