Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quote Of The Week

I'm reading a very insightful but sad book called unChristian. It basically reports research that was conducted within a time frame of three years about "what a new generation really thinks about Christianity... and why it matters". It is very insightful by giving us the statistics needed to see and help reach out to the lost and those that are seeking. It is very sad however because the numbers are very surprising. For example only 3% of people aged 18-41 have a biblical worldview! I couldn't believe how low that number is.

unChristian is a good resource and a truly eye-opening experience. I highly recommend it. It was while I was reading this book that I found my "quote of the week".

" One of my father's teachings that has stuck with me is this:
be more concerned with what happens in you than what happens to you. "
Wow! Sometimes it is so easy to see and get distracted by the things that physically happen to us while at the same time neglecting and not seeing what is spiritually happening to us. It is a very good idea for us to apply this to our lives. If we pay much more attention to what God wants to do in us then the things that happen to us slowly grow dim.
We are blessed by a great and mighty God who loves us unconditionally and it is what he does for us that deserves our attention and respect. In turn this allows our "distractions" to be less important and brings the focus back to the one that deserves it more... God!

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  1. I saw that book in Family Christian & was interested in reading it! Now I'll have to definitely add it to my list!