Friday, February 29, 2008

May We Reach Our Full Potential!

With all the excitement and good things that have been happening in the Jr. High Ministry lately my prayer has been that we we youth coaches be obedient and always listening to what God is telling us or leading us to do. Afterall, we don't want anything to stop this great momentum that God has blessed us with lately. We believe we are at the beginning of something great and we don't want to do anything to stop God's work in these student's lives. Especially if it is disobedience! We want this ministry to reach the full potential that God has planned for us.

That being said I wanted to share with you a blog post from someone that I draw inspiration from time to time. This blog post deals with the things that I'm praying about right now in being obedient to God's calling and will. His name is Pastor Steven Furtick and he is the Lead Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Thanks Chad for leading me to him!) I found this post today that he wrote dealing with full potential and it is exactly what I think of as I'm praying for our ministry.

May we continue to pray for this ministry and for our church. We want to allow God to use us to our full potential and bring those that are seeking him home.

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