Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How To Walk Wisely

Here are some notes I took from a sermon that Charles Stanley did recently.

How To Walk Wisely

1.) Determination - We must first be determined to walk in wisdom.

2.) Meditation - Meditate on God's word. Read it, think about it and ask questions. Joshua 1:5-8

3.) Sensitivity - Learn to be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
                                             - Learn by failing!!

4.) Believe - We must believe that God is ALL wise. We have to trust Him.

                                             - He knows present, past and future all the same!!!

5.) Courage - We must have courage to do what he tells us.

                                             - Don't neglect God because you fear failure more!!!

                                             - It's better to fail in front of people than to disobey God!!!

6.) Perseverance - We must persevere no matter what the conditions are.

God told Joshua 3 times, "Be strong and of good courage." He is always with us!

Be Blessed,

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