Monday, June 28, 2010

Learning Is Humbling

I feel like I've been in a crash course lately. I've been learning a lot of things - mostly about who I really am.

Isn't it funny how that happens? Just when you think you understand and you finally get it you learn that you only just begun.

I always hated math in school. I remember when my math teachers would introduce us to new ways of solving problems and how frustrated I would get. Just as I was finally figuring out how to do something and getting the hang of it - BAM - something new would be introduced for us to have to learn. I didn't like math all that much needless to say.

But recently I've been feeling the same way in my spiritual walk. Just as I think I have it all figured out then - BAM - out of the blue something new is introduced to me. Don't get me wrong, unlike the math classes this time I really like learning all the new things. The only thing is, it's been teaching me that I DON'T KNOW HALF OF WHAT I THOUGHT I KNEW!!!

I guess I thought that scripture that says, "The half has never been told," didn't apply to me for some reason.

And that is another lesson in itself. How when we hear about or experience something through other people we foolishly automatically think, "well that doesn't apply to me." But I'm learning the opposite is true. You would be surprised just how much things that other people are experiencing applies to you too - if you only think about it.

I'm loving all the learning I've been doing, but let me just say it's also the most humbling thing for me as well.

How's class going for you lately?

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