Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thought Provoking

While I was reading Jim and Casper Go To Church I read a statement from Casper (the atheist) that was very thought provoking to me...

"How do schools sell themselves? By class size. The lower the student/teacher ratio is, the smaller the class size, the better the education. It's because you get more interaction with the "expert" and more interaction with your classmates.

Why do churches seem to do just the opposite? Why is a church deemed successful by it's size rather than it's ability to truly teach it's people?"


A little further in the book Casper points out that Jesus had 12 disciples not 20,000!

What do you think that says about how we do church?

I mean if a self-professed atheist thinks this makes sense why don't we at least be willing to look at it and examine it ourselves?

God has been rocking my world as of late. (Explains why I haven't blogged much lately).

He's been showing me so many things from new perspectives that it is literally hard to keep up with but I'm loving this stretching process.

It really burdens me to think that this might be a plausible argument though. What if we have been focusing too much on performing rather than teaching? Jesus told us to "go and make disciples" and sometimes it feels like your average church is trying to "go and make fans" or "go and make church entertaining".

I don't know, it just seems to me that life groups are so successful because you are in a smaller group of committed people and you actually learn something. In my opinion, that's where true growth occurs and maybe it's because Casper the friendly atheist actually has it right.

What are your thoughts?

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