Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Crazy Thought: We Look Like Pinocchio

This thought occurred to me this morning: I wonder what it would look like if we could see everyone's lies...kind of like Pinocchio?

Now, I don't even have to remind you that God sees and knows everything. So let's not waste time wondering if we look like Pinocchio to Him. We may not have a nose that grows with every little lie that is spoken but God knows it when we lie. He knows it just as easily as if we did have something that gave it away like a growing nose.

But the idea I want us to think about is the idea that we could see everyone elses lies. What if we could tell someone was lying to us because their nose grew when they did? How would that look and how would it change your world?

I know for me one of the things I really really dislike (hate is such a strong word) is when I find out someone has lied to me. But in that same breathe I must confess that saying a statement like that immediately makes me a hypocrite. You see, although I hate it when someone lies to me, I'm not innocent of this sin by any means. I still mess up and do it! I'm working on it, but I've still got some "nose shrinking" to do of my own.

So let's think about it for a minute. What if you were having a conversation with someone and all of a sudden you seen their nose grow a couple of inches? And then a little further in the conversation it grew a little more. How would you react?

What if you was talking to someone and you seen through your reflection in the restaurant window that your nose was growing? Would you be embarrassed? Would you feel exposed?

See, even though we don't like to think about it, God sees every little lie we tell. Even down to the little "white lies" we sometimes think are okay. God sees it all. And if we would become incredibly embarrassed seeing our nose growing when we lied to someone else why don't we feel embarrassed or exposed when we lie knowing that God sees it?

Maybe we are just immune to it and think that telling a lie is not really "that bad". I'm sure a lot of people unknowingly have built a strong immunity to it. But whaddya say we try to work on shrinking our noses? Let's try to remember that just maybe sometimes we really do look like Pinocchio.


  1. Think we all fall short with that "little white lie" or the "I didn't think they could handle the entire truth" mentality. Great post my friend!

  2. Bill imitates the Pinocchio nose with a whistle sound added for effect anytime Tom tries to "fib." It's hilarious! But certainly gets the point across.