Monday, June 29, 2009

Like Father, Like Son...

In yesterday's sermon Pastor Michael made a point that I'm hoping some other people (at least the men hopefully) picked up on. He said, "Are you finding that when you were young you said you would never act like your dad when you grew up now only to find if you was really honest you do act like him?"

And I thought yep, that's me! I said those exact words and now I'm guilty because I'm doing some of the same things my dad did.

And as I thought about that with a guilty smile on my face he issued a challenge that stopped me dead in my train of thought.

He said, "Wouldn't it be great if we acted like our Dad?" Meaning our Heavenly Father.

Now, I know I'm not the best when it comes to this. In fact I know I've got a lot of work to do on it to reach the level I want to be at. But when Pastor Michael issued this challenge or just a new way to look at it perhaps I instantly knew what I wanted to do.

You see, I'm the type of person who needs a "one-liner" type of goal. I can set certain goals by using one word or one sentence. Those "one-liners" make it easier for me to remember the goal and thus I can stay more focused on achieving that goal.

When Michael said that simple little phrase I immediately wrote it down and knew right then and there that I would work on making this my goal.

As Christians we are supposed to be like our dad. In this sense it isn't a bad thing at all if we act just like our dad. The more we are act like Him the closer we get to what He wants us to be. The more we act like Him the better off those around us are going to be. The more we act like Him the better off our families are going to be. The more we act like Him the better the chance lost people are going to want to get to know Him and in turn, act like Him.

The more we try to act like our Heavenly Father the better we get to know who he really is.

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