Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Following Preview Has Been Approved...

So this thought hit me like a ton of bricks driving into work this morning... (Still don't know why or how these "thoughts" seem to just pop up in my head out of the blue like they do but I say keep 'em coming!)

How awesome would it be if someone did a sermon or message on our future with the Lord in the form of a movie trailer?

In my opinion one of the best things about going to the movies is checking out the previews. There's just something in the way they hype up even a bad movie so that it looks like something worth checking out. You know the routine, there's usually this awesome music playing with some deep voiced guy who explains whats happening and just that voice alone is enough to get your attention. And there is usually a few explosions or just enough twists in the preview to draw you in without giving too much away.

And this morning I honestly can't shake the thought of how awesome it would be to do a sermon in this style. I can't shake it so much that I honestly think I'm going to check into trying to get this done!

Why not?

I mean think about it. As Christians, we have the biggest thing to look forward to and too often we simply forget about it. Our eternal future with the Lord is the biggest and best thing to look forward to and yet we don't act like it.

It's funny how when a big movie is about to be released you see all these commercials and "spoilers" on the Internet. Why can't we have something like that to remind us of what we too often forget?

Maybe that would keep us motivated to keep spreading the gospel.

Maybe that would draw lost people to Jesus in a HUGE way.

Maybe that would be something worth seeing.

Maybe I've just found something to work on!

Oh and here is just a reminder of how cool movie trailers really are...

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