Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deadliest Warrior

If you haven't watched this show yet you are truly missing out! (Or you're probably not a testosterone filled man!)

It comes on Spike and what happens is they pit two types of warrior against one another to see who would win in a battle. I sometimes disagree with the outcome but the way they arrive to a conclusion can't be argued with all that much. They do a great job of being fair and studying the weaponry and methods of both sides.

After recording weapon demonstrations and collecting data all the results are input into this computer program that simulates the battle 1,000 times. Enough to make sure that one "lucky" blow doesn't decide the outcome.

The obvious best weapons wins most the battles but sometimes there are surprises that you wouldn't have seen coming.

I've watched about every episode and can't get enough. So far they've simulated the following battles...

And they've all been really interesting.

I would love to see a church take this and run with it. It would be so awesome to take some of the things they do in this show and bring it to the spiritual realm.

To see all the battles and struggles we go through in the spiritual world done up like this would bring a lot of interest to say the least. (Especially with the male audience who seems to be leaving our churches more and more.)

But one thing that's stuck with me since watching this show is the fact that it has really motivated me in my spiritual walk. Seriously!

I look at the future and want the outcome to come out in favor of the good guys. I want to be known as the deadliest warrior for Christ! So I watch myself a little closer and treat everything as a possible "fatal attack" in my walk.

Do I think I can win this alone? Of course not.

But I do know that as long as I am in Christ and He is in me then the outcome will rule in favor of the good guys............God's Deadliest Warriors!!


  1. We actually watched this last night shaolin monk vs. maori warrior.

    I never put the spiritual conotation on it...I will have to share with Jeff.