Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Basic Adding and Subtracting

Math was a subject that I absolutely hated in school. For some reason I think math should always stay at it's simplest form - basic addition and subtraction. But even then I sometimes still need my trusty calculator! :)

But something occured to me the other day that really has the wheels turning lately...

It seems like we want to add more God without subtracting our sin!!

Does it seem like that for you?

I mean we can always go to great conferences and hear some of the greatest speakers around and we always look for that "boost" of extra energy to keep us going in our walk with the Lord, but eventually we find ourselves gradually coming off of that injection.

We can read the Bible with great intentions and dedicate a certain amount of quiet time to the Lord every single day, but eventually find that we might run into a wall that we cant get over or around.

We can be involved in small groups or go to get-together's with other believers with every intent on having just the greatest time in Christian fellowship, but eventually find that it doesn't work any more the way it did in the beginning.

You can go to the greatest church around or be involved in a home church type of atmosphere where the Lord is present every time the doors are opened, but eventually there will be days when you look around and wonder where Jesus went.

The thing about all these "additions" is that they aren't necessarily the solution to the problem. The solution doesn't arrive with addition only. The solution is arrived upon by addition and a whole lot of subtraction.

If you're trying to get closer to the Lord step back and take another look at the problem.

Maybe you will find the solution when you start subtracting the sin that you might have been overlooking.

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