Friday, March 27, 2009

Look Harder!

I was thinking of one of my all-time favorite Disney movies on the way into work this morning, The Lion King. I don't know why, but the scene I kept thinking about is the one where Rafiki tells Simba that his father is still alive and that he lives inside of him.

You see, Simba didn't realize this until Rafiki had him look into the water. When Simba looks in the water he only sees his own reflection, but Rafiki says something to Simba that I think we all need to say to ourselves, "Look Harder."

Rafiki then touches the water and when he does the ripples create a small distraction in which Simba loses the focus on himself and finally sees what Rafiki is trying to teach him, that his father does indeed live inside of him. Rafiki had to take Simba's focus off of himself in order for him to see his father.

I think that would preach!

We sometimes always seem to focus so much on ourselves that we forget who lives inside of us, our Heavenly Father!

And I think that begs the question, What do any distractions you might encounter help you to see, yourself or your Father?

So next time you forget who lives inside of you try to remember the wise words of a baboon from the Lion King, "Look Harder!"

1 comment:

  1. Holy cow... there is ALOT there that can preach!!

    When the part where he yells - DONT LEAVE ME!!!

    or at the beginning when he's talking about the past.. & how it wears him down...

    you totally should have joined me in the "Finding the Gospel in Disney" series... :-)

    I want to watch this again & I swore I wouldnt - hate his dad dies! Exactly why I wont watch "Chronicles of Narnia"