Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Crazy Thought: Jesus watches American Idol

I think Jesus watches American Idol. Except He watches a version that we probably wouldn't like to watch. He watches American Christian Idol!

You see, I have this overwhelming feeling that here in America we worship Idols more than any other place in the world. What's scary though is that we aren't willing to fess up and admit it. We would rather continue in our "ignorance" and continue to break God's heart.

One place we see this the most is with our money. I recently ran across a quote from Perry Noble which said,

"Were supposed to worship God and use money, but some of us worship money and use God"!!!

We all know that money is probably the number one idol that American Christians worship but that isn't the only thing...

  • We worship "Godly-men" who we feel can bring us closer to God than an intimate relationship with Jesus ever could!
  • We worship our homes.
  • We worship our cars.
  • We worship our crackberry's, i'pods and i'phones.
  • We worship our time.
  • We worship our kids.
  • We worship our egos!

So many things are worshipped besides the Lord.

Jesus watches American Idol while we refuse to even look at it!

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