Monday, March 23, 2009

Church Pirates

There's a video that has been stuck in my head ever since I watched it a few months ago. I can't shake it and I can't "let it go". Probably because I've felt convicted to put it on my blog for so long and haven't done so.

So here I go, I know this isn't going to earn me any "cool" points, and I know it isn't going to make me any more popular. In fact it could mean the exact opposite, (depending on who watches it).

But something Francis Chan said in this first video motivates me to press on anyway...

Now that you see my pump-up, prelude to do what I feel I need to do I will get on with the show.

Ed Young posted a video on his blog called "Church Pirates" and when I ran across that video (by coincidence perhaps?) :) I really had to stop and catch my breathe, it seemed like he was speaking directly to me, to us, and to a lot of people who may need to see this video.

I warn you, it is rather lengthy but it is well worth your time.

Oh yeah, I'm not worried about being too popular after this video for sure! :)

I dare you to comment on this one!


  1. WOW!!! Both videos are AWESOME!!!

    So much truth there! I guess we always need to check to see if its "our" truth we're following or GOD's Truth!!!!

    And awesome point - I know in my own company I work out - sales people sign "Non-compete" contracts & buddy, if it is broken, he's right - talk about a court date happening...

    Thanks for sharing such a powerful video!

  2. I would love to comment - but I think He said it all. Great posting, Joe! And I love the new look.

  3. Thanks Christy!

    He really does say it all, and that was why I felt so motivated to post it. Ed Young does a great job of describing the difference between the church "planter" and "transplanter".

    And if you look at his blog on that post he did receive a lot of comments! :)

  4. Wow! I totally agree with both videos. I love when he said don't shoot the wounded! So true. I am glad you shared this with us. I know you wrestled with the decision of putting it on here but I think alot of people need to read this. Thanks honey!!

  5. wow do you want me to forward this to the intended party?

  6. There is no "intended party". I just want to help Ed Young spread the message on something that is evident and a serious problem.

    It's good for all Christians to hear this kind of truth.

  7. I am a person who has moved a lot around the US. In those moves I have been somewhat forced to attend a lot of different churches. One thing I want to remind everyone is that The "true church of God" does not meet in a building. "The building" is one place where we stop to worship the almighty but it is not "the church". We become a part of the church when we accept / and Follow God. We must keep our eyes on that principle. There have been times I was unchurched (after / during a move) but I was never not a part of "the church of my God" I know this does not totally clear up the cloudiness that is spoken on here but I felt it was an important message to voice. "GOD IS MY MAIN PASTOR".

  8. That dude sounds like he's got sour lemons. I just heard sermon yesterday about how it doesn't matter what church people go to, as long as they are going and/or having a relationship with God. You can't steal people from a church, unless it was God's will? That guy sounds like a cry baby, he should be happy those people are going somewhere where they are happy rather than staying at a church and being a fly in the ointment.