Monday, December 15, 2008

What If Your Email Was Hacked?

What would you do if your email was hacked? What kind of conversations would people find?

I ran across this statement on the Deadly Viper blog and I have to tell you, it really got my attention!

What would this look like for you?

Would you have absolutely nothing to hide or would you panic and wish like heck that it didn't happen?

I think sometimes we don't realize the deceiving ways of technology through things like an email. We get to say what we want about whom we want and feel like we are hiding but I would have to say that this is probably the best way to examine who we really are.

I know someone who loves to gossip and talk bad about their co-workers through email and I have to ask myself is this the real person talking? If so, the one that I thought I knew (or the face they wear out in public) isn't the same person I knew at all.

How about you? Would you be willing to allow someone access to your email? Someone to help hold you accountable.

Have you even thought about how this might reveal a side of you that you might have been overlooking?

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