Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Mission!

As I sit here and think about what I just seen in this video I issue a challenge to anyone and everyone who reads this blog... Let's start 2009 out with a bang! A kingdom driven bang.

I'm so tired of all the complaining when there is a world of lost people out there who need us more than we need to be right!

Do people see God's love in...

  • Our church?
  • Our relationships?
  • Our blogs?
  • Our facebook?
  • Our myspace?
  • Our schools?
  • Our workplace?
  • Our family?
  • Our social gatherings?

Let's face it folks, if people aren't seeing God's love in all the above then how can we prove that God is love?

Let's start 2009 off the right way, by showing the love of God. What better way is there than to greet the new year with a mission like this?

Do you accept the challenge?

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