Thursday, December 18, 2008


is a Japanese word meaning "pattern" or "form." In karate terms, a kata is a prescribed sequence of techniques against an imagined opponent. You develop techniques and predefined moves before you ever face a real, in the flesh, enemy. In other words, you prepare beforehand.

With this in mind I think it begs the question, what is your kata?

How do you prepare yourself for battle with the enemy?

I think one of the best examples we see of kata in the Bible is the numerous times we see Jesus always making time for prayer in isolation. One might even get the picture of Jesus wearing a karate gi as he is praying!

Not only was prayer important but Jesus knew scripture very well and was able to recite it on the spot. That was one of his best defenses. When Satan tempted him his method of attack was scripture. Jesus' kata was the word of God!

So what does that look like for us? Do we make an attempt to read the Bible and study it well enough to be able to stand and fight against the enemy when he comes to fight us in the flesh? Or do we waste our time and energy only to end up defeated before the fight ever comes?

What does your kata look like?

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